School Curriculum

When the young children enter school at the age of three until the age of seven they are taught through the Foundation Phase.
The Foundation Phase is about enhancing the learning experiences which enable children to be creative, imaginative and to have fun whilst learning.
Children are given opportunities to explore the world around them and to understand how things work through engaging in relevant practical activities which are fun and enjoyable and relevant to their developmental stages.
The Foundation Phase places greater emphasis on experiential learning, active involvement and developing each child’s skills.
Key Stage 2 Curriculum

At the age of seven the children enter Key Stage Two.
In Key Stage 2 we use the Cornerstones programme.  Topics covered are as follows:

In September 2016 the children will be following Year B.

Religious Education
Religious Education is taught as a core subject at St Mary’s School. 10% of curriculum time is spent teaching Religious Education.  The ‘Come & See’ programme of work is followed in the school, in line with all the other schools in the Wrexham Diocese.


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