St. Mary's School Prospectus2017 - page 9

r Children
ALN Statement
We believe that every child is unique
and has individual needs.
Through formal and informal assess-
ment, individual tracking and testing,
we identify where there are special or
additional needs.
Parents are consulted at each stage and
invited to attend meeting with the
ALN co-ordinator and support
Our ALN Policy has been written
taking into account
the National Code of Practice.
It is available in the school office to
parents upon giving notice.
Looked after children
Looked after children are, of course,
welcome in our school.
The person responsible in school for
their welfare and to ensure that their
Personal Education Plans are kept
up to date is Richard Jones.
Language Statement
The governors of St Mary’s School
have decided that the school will
teach the curriculum through the
medium of English.
We teach Welsh as a second language, and
also take opportunities to
integrate Welsh into the life of the
Our aim is to develop in our pupils a pos-
itive attitude to their Welsh
language, heritage and culture.
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