St. Mary's School Prospectus2017 - page 8

We have a statutory duty to safeguard and
promote the welfare of children as
described in section 175 of the Education
Act 2002 and that we have due regard to the
guidance ‘Safeguarding Children in Edu-
cation, circular number 005-2008 as the
safety and protection of children
is of paramount importance to
everyone in this school.
In the All Wales Child Protection
Procedures 2008 the National Assembly
for Wales defines safeguarding and
promoting the welfare of children as:
protecting children from abuse and neglect;
preventing impairment of their health
or development; and ensuring that they
receive safe and effective care….
so as to enable them to have the optimum
life chances
If the school has child protection
concerns then we have a duty to
refer to social services.
Copies of the Safeguarding and Child Pro-
tection Policy are available on request from
the school.
Caring for o
Safeguarding Children
Equality Statement
We firmly believe in equality and that
all children and adults in our school
community have a right to be treated
equally and with respect.
We have a zero tolerance policy
towards any discrimination or
stereotyping for any reason
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