St. Mary's School Prospectus2017 - page 6

The Aims of Our School
Our School bases its fundamental values and beliefs on the teaching
of the Catholic faith.
We, the Staff and Governors of St. Mary’s, believe that each person is a
unique creation of God, that each person is of total importance to Him
and should be respected and nurtured as such.
Through our teaching and the ethos of our school we aim to communicate
this love, care and concern to everyone who has any contact with St. Mary’s School.
We aim to nourish in our children an awareness of their spiritual life.
We believe that education is a partnership between parents, the School,
the Parish and the wider community and therefore we seek always to
establish an open working relationship with all of these groups.
We aim to provide a comprehensive, coherent and quality educational
opportunity for every child by providing a wide, balanced, varied, differentiated
and relevant education within the context of the National Curriculum.
Our aim is to develop in our pupils the qualities of self assurance,
self confidence, self motivation, responsible behaviour, respect for people
and property, love and trust for others, through the respect, love and trust
they experience within our School.
We seek to develop within the children an appreciation of their cultural
heritage, language, literature and history.
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