St. Mary's School Prospectus2017 - page 3

Welcome to St Mary’s School
A very warm welcome to St Mary’s School.
We place Christ at the centre of all that we are and all that we do.
Our mission statement is “Living, Learning and Growing in Christ’s
Love” and we aim to promote the fullness of Christian life through an
education in which faith, culture and life are brought into harmony,
creating a community based on the Gospel values of love, care and
This harmony within our Catholic school community forms the basis
on which our children will develop values, motivation and moral
certitude that will enable them to act and make choices in life.
In our multi-faith society, confident in our personal position in reli-
gious matters, we work to promote respect for the rights and dignity
of others.
The governors, head teacher, staff, parents and pupils will seek and
develop ever new ways of placing the person of Christ and the teach-
ings of the Catholic Church at the centre of school life, whilst at the
same time engaging positively with changes and developments in
education. In this way the school contributes to the common good of
the area and its culture.
Our priority is to create an environment where every child travels a
journey of faith, grows in self-esteem and can truly.
“Live, Learn
and Grow in
Christ’s Love”
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