St. Mary's School Prospectus2017 - page 2

Table of Contents
Official Testimonials
The Aims of Our School
School Governors
Equality Statement
ALN Statement
Looked After Children
Language Statement
Admissions Policy and Arrangements for 2013
School Hours
School Organisation
St Mary’s Playgroup
The Nursery Class
Teacher / Parent Liaison
Religious Life in our School
School Rules
Personal Property on the Premises
Health Promoting School
Communication with Parents/ Guardians
Dragon Sports at St Mary’s
Green Schools
The National Curriculum
School Uniform
Charging for Educational Activities
Transfer to Secondary School
Health and Safety
After School Activities
Breakfast Club
After School Care
Community Links
Public Access to Documents in School
Complaints Procedure
Curriculum Statement
Curriculum Organisation
The Annual Rate of Attendance,
Unauthorised and Authorised
Absences for the School for 2015/2016
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